The Deathtaker Series - NA Paranormal


Krista walks through life being able to pinpoint exactly what is physically wrong with the people around her. She can smell disease and decay. From a simple inhale she can instantly tell if Death is nearing, she knows whether or not someone has long to live. She’s moved from town to town, constantly looking for someone to help… someone who could truly benefit from a second chance at life. Help and move on, that’s been her pattern. She never planned on staying in a small town, and she didn’t plan on finding someone to love… in fact, Krista didn’t plan for anything that Cedar Creek had in store for her.

Book 3 Coming Soon

NA, YA Paranormal & Dystopian series

S.L. Baum

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The Immortal Ones Series - YA Paranormal


If you live long enough... love (and danger) will find you.

Seventeen-year-old Emily regularly changes her town and her name, with hopes to begin a new life. But it's impossible to fly under the radar in tiny Telluride, Colorado. When fellow newcomer Link enters her life, her plan to start over with a clean slate unravels. Charity soon realizes that you can never truly leave your past behind, while Link discovers that mortals are not the only beings to walk this earth.

Two time winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Award for BEST YA SERIES.

LUSH series - YA Dystopian


Bluebell has spent the last twelve years of her life at Training Tech, the government-run boarding school all children are required to attend. Now that she's seventeen she is fully prepared for Incorporation; a time when females and males are allowed to mingle again, for the first time since they were toddlers. It is also the day she must endure Citizen Branding - the mandatory searing of a mark into the flesh of the left wrist of all new Citizens. O for fertile, X for infertile. The fate of every Citizen, male or female, is determined by the results.

Bluebell knows that a Citizen’s duty is to live for the glory of Concord, just as she was taught. But the frantic dreams and hazy memories that haunt her make her different, and the questions she cannot deny threaten to turn her world upside down.