Because I do not believe in depriving myself of the many foods I love, I believe in exercising... ​ I am on my treadmill (or our stationary bike) three or more days a week. My knees aren't usually happy about this fact, so I usually have one or both of the knee braces on. My toes like to overlap and will eventually blister, so I now wear Vibrams when I am on the treadmill.
Crazy cat lady starter pack... There are 4 kitties living in my house (2 found as tiny babies - 2 adopted). So when I find something I (and they) like, I stick with it. The litter system by, the water fountain, the balls, and the cleaner for the occasional mess... they make life so much easier.

I'm a self admitted Amazon-Shopping-Addict... Whenever I love something, I'll post about it below!

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But I'll add that I think I made $10 (2 years ago) from these links, and last year not a dime. I am posting these simply to tell you what I like, and to provide links to my books... not to earn money. But new rules say I have to get so many clicks/sales within a 180 period or Amazon takes away my abilities to make these links. Dang rules... ;-)

I discovered Hot Chocolate Shoes last summer... This was the second pair I purchased (the first was the Candy Skull pair on the right). I love them! They're comfortable, cute, and I ALWAYS get compliments. I wear a 9 and bought a 9, and they fit perfectly. I will be buying more!
This is my newest pair... LOVE!